JotCast is the premier live chatting solution for a wide array of events and users, ranging from bloggers to publications to companies of any size. Anyone who wants to create an interactive moderated live chat experience will be in good hands at JotCast. With our tools, you can expand and engage your audience, dynamically revamp your site content, and forge community and loyalty with your followers. It's the all-in-one chat solution that will revolutionize your online interactions.
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Founded by a Passionate Team

Unhappy with the lackluster chat options available on the market, a group of friends set out to create a platform they wanted to use themselves. Based on experiences using a baseball stats website, the team developed an advanced moderated chat platform. It took a few versions before they were satisfied, but it was worth the effort. The end result offered superior interactivity between users and chat hosts.

JotCast officially launched in 2015 to overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thanks to our users and their suggestions, we're continually improving the platform.

Trusted by Companies Across the Globe

Always determined to improve, our team is constantly looking for the best new features and integrating them wherever possible. We've helped publications build increased connection with their readership and nonprofits foster an intimate educational community. Today, we continue to balance intuitive functionality with clean design for the best chat experience imaginable.

We're proud of our reliable, scalable product and the top-notch customer support that helped us get here.

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Chat with Moderation
JotCast's biggest selling point is its superior functionality as a moderated platform. Troublesome users will no longer bring down the chat experience for everyone. With our moderation tools, messages are scanned and only go public when they are deemed appropriate. That way, you know your chat is always respectful and on-topic. It's the key to maintaining a perfect chat atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

For any issues, we've always got your back.

Contact us for questions, troubleshooting, PR requests, or anything else. We're happy to help you out. Get the best out of your live chat with JotCast.