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Inviting, Organized Chats

By now, it's likely you've encountered chat rooms and comment sections. It's also likely you've noticed a common flaw: conversations devolving into inappropriate or irrelevant topics because of troublesome users. With JotCast's chat moderation tools, these issues aren't a problem. Now, you can have a live chat platform or live chat plug-in for your content to go through moderators that you designate before going public, ridding the conversation of unruly or off-brand content. What's more, you get an abundance of tools, such as polls, media integration, and custom advertisements to expand your chat capability even further. Increase follower engagement while maintaining control with JotCast.

Achieve unparalleled real-time event coverage with JotCast
Chat moderation is only the beginning of what JotCast offers. Insert Images, YouTube videos, and SoundCloud playlists right into the chat. Speak directly to users with private messaging. It's available across every device with a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Real time updates without refreshing the page
  • Easily add images and Youtube videos directly into the chat
  • Interactive features to keep your audience engaged
  • Poll or quiz your audience for instant feedback
  • Secure password protected chats with encryption
  • Add custom advertisements to monetize your chats
  • Customizable themes to match the look and feel of your website
  • Responsive design that works on any device
  • Multiple moderators can publish, edit, or reject user messages
  • Embed chats directly into your website
  • Private messages allow for one-on-one conversations
  • Transcripts of your chats to easily export the content

Solutions for All

Curate a visual style to match your company. Integrate videos into your feed. Getting started is quick and easy, with absolutely no need to install plugins, apps, or anything at all. Check out our solutions for webcasts, sports coverage, universities, corporations, and more to see how JotCast's live chat platform can serve your business.

Chat Hosting Solution

Flexible Pricing

JotCast chat moderation isn't only flexible with the services it offers. Our competitively-priced plans let customers choose their chat experience based on budget and platform aspects such as number of users, moderators, and the duration and frequency of your chats. Use our pricing calculator to determine the service level that fits your needs or contact our team to discuss a custom plan. Want to test it out first? Go ahead - it's completely free to get started!

Wildlife Center bears climb a tree

Case Studies

The Wildlife Center of Virginia uses JotCast to coordinate fundraising efforts, as well as empower and educate its community through the use of integrated tools that allow users to upload photos and host targeted events.
The Wildlife Center of Virginia
Notre Dame University

Case Studies

JotCast helped Notre Dame Insider foster community, boost readerships, and stand out from the competition with its user-friendly interface and convenient, customizable features.
Notre Dame Insider

Creative & Secure Benefits

JotCast's live chat platform has no barriers to entry. It works seamlessly across all devices, and setting up chats is as easy as picking a name and clicking a button. Interactive elements like polls and reactions allow you to better connect with fans and increase engagement. And, it's all secured with powerful chat moderation protection that ensures your chats stay safe.

With JotCast, there's no risk and so many benefits to be had. Start your free chat and immerse your audience today!