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Red Sox Offseason In Review Chat
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Darragh McDonald
Good morning, folks. We'll get going in about 20 minutes but feel free to leave questions.
Okay, folks. Let's chat.
I'll quickly state that I'm doing main site coverage while doing this chat. So, I apologize if I have to step away at any point. If that happens, I'll stay on longer than an hour.
Altuve's Buzzer
Hey man! Thx for the chat. Just wanted to do a poll: Red Sox miss playoffs or make it?
Darragh McDonald
Might as well start here.
Make the playoffs or miss?

Make (33.7% | 56 votes)
Miss (66.3% | 110 votes)

Total Votes: 166
Would a sub .500 finish mean the end of Chaim Bloom’s time in Boston?
Altuve's Buzzer
Is Chaim Bloom on the hot seat? It seems that all Red Sox fans hate him.
Seems like Bloom, in addition to losing Bogaerts, was badly outmaneuvered during this offseason.  Lost two players in Rule 5 draft  (Thad Ward and Noah Song) who stuck with new teams; lost out on several free agents (Jose Abreu, Zach Eflin, Tommy Kahnle, others); may have overpaid for Yoshida; has a  roster with holes all over it…Thoughts?
Is it possible chaim bloom is actually a yankee fan?
Bloom still the Red Sox GM at the end of the season?
Vinny Boombatts
If the Red Sox don't make the playoffs, Cora and Bloom are gone, right?
Darragh McDonald
Okay, lots of Bloom thoughts.
I do think it's fair to expect Bloom to be in the hot seat going forward.
This is his fourth season, which is roughly how long Cherington and Dombrowski lasted. Those guys each led the club to a World Series title, something Bloom can't say.
As for Jim's specific criticisms, I will say I generally agree that I've found some of their moves very confusing.
Seems like a lot of people in the industry consider the Yoshida deal an overpay. Seems they were out of step with other clubs in their evaluation of him. That either makes them smart or dumb. Time will tell.
The Rule 5 stuff, that happens to every club once in a while but it does seem interesting they had three guys picked. One of them is already back.
There's been some other strange stuff as well. Last year, they flipped Vazquez but didn't do a full selloff and stayed about 4 million over the luxury tax.
That means their draft pick compensation from Bogaerts and Eovaldi leaving is much worse.
There's been some other small stuff as well. They gave up a prospect to get Hoy Park and then DFA'd him shortly thereafter. Seems like less than ideal planning.
Darragh McDonald's Mother
Hi son!!!
Darragh McDonald
Hi, Mom. No cursing in here, okay?
Fenway Fanatic
Will Casas or Yoshida win AL ROY
Darragh McDonald
It's possible, sure, but there's plenty of talented rookies this year, even just in the division. Volpe, Gunnar, etc.
Fenway Fanatic
Thanks for doing this, Do you think Adam Duvall hits over 30 home runs in 2023?
Darragh McDonald
If he stays healthy, sure. He's done it three times before, as recently as 2021.
Playing in the AL East should help.
Why did the Red Sox still have Ryan Braiser in the pen? He's never going to be the guy he was in 2019, he's just absolutely terrible now
Darragh McDonald
His 5.78 ERA last year is obviously not great. But I can see the argument in expecting better. His strikeout and walk rates were still good and his 56.2% strand rate was way below average.
His 3.61 FIP and 3.12 SIERA suggested he deserved way better.
Fenway Fanatic
How long will it take for Kaleb Ort to be designated for assignment
Otis nixon
Why is ort on the team? He's not good
El Guapo
How long of a leash do Brasier and Ort have this year before they are DFA'd or demoted to AAA?  Ort has options. Brasier does not.
Darragh McDonald
Ort had a 2.88 ERA and 31.5% strikeout rate in Triple-A last year. Hasn't been good in the majors yet but I understand the appeal.
He also has options, which teams love.
When fully everyone is fully healthy, does Pivetta or Paxton get pushed to the pen? (personally I’d take Paxton in the pen due to the lack of lefties, and Pivetta’s durability)
Darragh McDonald
I forget who it was, but someone with the team said they don't want to move Paxton to the bullpen because he's never done it before.
Personally, I think they'll have to rethink that.
He hasn't been healthy for so long and is injured again now. Keeping him limited to short outings might be the best thing for him and the team.
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