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Rays Offseason In Review Chat
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Darragh McDonald
Hello, folks. Let's talk about those Rays.
Poll Time: Does Tampa Bay make the postseason once again?
Darragh McDonald
Will the Rays make the playoffs in 2023?

Yes (88.5% | 92 votes)
No (11.5% | 12 votes)

Total Votes: 104
Do you think the rays are in almost a rebuild stage with the moves of Ji-Man Choi and getting prospects but still want to win some games
Darragh McDonald
The Rays model seems to be to almost always trade guys before they reach free agency.
I wouldn't characterize it as rebuilding, because they're still trying to have a good major league team.
It's just about maintaining a strong base of talent without ever letting the budget get too high.
Dusty Runtz
If Brandon Lowe has a good year, do you think TB deals him after the season? He’ll be 29 at the end of the season and make over $8 million next year.
Darragh McDonald
On that note, sure, Lowe could definitely be moved at some point.
There won't be a rush, since the club has affordable club option for 2025 and 2026. But I wouldn't be shocked.
Royals Fan
Any guesses on what the Rays saw in Zach Eflin that motivated them to give out the biggest contract in franchise history?
Darragh McDonald
He has great control, 5.7% walk rate for his career and 4.8% last year. Strikeouts and grounders near league average in recent years.
His FIP was below 3.70 in each of the past three years.
So, there's stuff to like there, but the knee issues make it risky.
It's sort of similar to the Kluber signing last year. Hopefully they have some kind of plan for keeping Eflin's knees healthy.
what could a curtis mead extension look like
Darragh McDonald
Right now, I would guess something in the 30-40 range for his arb years with a club option or two.
The biggest extensions for guys who haven't yet debuted were 43MM for Eloy and 50MM for Luis Robert.
Mead's prospect stock isn't quite as high as those guys, so he'd probably come in a bit under.
Chris Rays
Thoughts on Glasnow. I don't see the Rays paying him 25 m in 2024. Moved at the deadline or next offseason? What kind of return would he bring?
Since Glasnows contract will be $25mil next year, any chance less than 100% that he's gone this coming off season?
While I love the fact the Rays locked up Glasnow for another season, based on your above comments and previous seasons, I get the eerie sense that if he returns to form this season and the Rays are on the cusp of contention that he will be dealt for a haul of prospects.  Do you see that as a likely possibility?
Darragh McDonald
I wouldn't totally rule out a trade, but the Glasnow contract seems to be a unique case.
If they're somehow totally out of it by mid-2024, sure. But Glasnow's talked so much about wanting to stay. I think that deal came together because the relationship was good.
rays lover
will the uncertainty surrounding the stadium hurt the rays in trying to convince free agents to play for them?
Darragh McDonald
I don't know how much of a factor this is. The bigger issue is that they don't really spend a ton of money. That's the biggest obstacle.
Theoretically, getting a better stadium could lead to better revenues and more spending and more signings. But that's no guarantee.
The Rays pitching staff has suffered injuries (Kittredge, Baz, Glasnow) and that pen lacks the depth it once has. Are they one or two injuries away from quickly falling to the bottom of the AL East?
Darragh McDonald
I don't think it's that tenuous. The farm system is still in great shape, by all accounts. Baseball America and FanGraphs both have the system in the top six out of the 30 teams.
They always have good depth pieces to fill in and I would expect this year to be similar.
Is the goal to have a good team or to win a World Series?
Darragh McDonald
In general, the MLB playoffs are fairly random. Once you're in, anything can happen. The Dodgers won 111 games last year and bowed out quick. The Phillies won 87 games and made it to the World Series.
What kind of season do you expect to see from Wander Franco? Return to his 2021 season (ROY) or more of last season?
Darragh McDonald
He was hurt most of last year. I wouldn't factor that in too much when thinking about his future.
And it's not like he was bad. He was still above average at the plate.
With Yandy on 1st, who do you expect to fill 3rd?
Darragh McDonald
Paredes, most likely, though Diaz could still play there sometimes.
Rays have a lot of first base types with Ramirez and Aranda.
It's also possible Mead breaks out and takes over the third base job.
Do you think Jose Siri will have a short leash when it comes to being the starter this year if Josh Lowe starts showing the promise he had in AAA?
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