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PHR Live Chat: 02-02-23
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Gavin Lee
Hello and welcome!
It has been ages since I was able to do one of these!
I've missed it very much
I'll let a couple more people filter in and jump on questions in a second.
Who fetches more, Domi or Toews?
Gavin Lee
Even with the contract, I imagine this is Toews. If he's really available, someone will want to add him for the leadership/experience/faceoffs.
Any chance the Bruins don't sign Pasta?
Gavin Lee
Always a chance, but that still seems like one that will get done without any real issues
Bedard is lights out good. As far as michkov goes how good is he and where does he stand if the contract and Ukraine issue did not exist? Ahead of Fantilli?
Gavin Lee
He'd be ahead of Fantilli, and pretty darn close to Bedard, if say, he was playing in the OHL.
Michkov is the real deal. It's unfortunate that his real development may actually be stunted a bit by the situation
I'm not sure where he ends up, but if he were over already, there would still be real debate over first overall
Are the Flyers finally going to start trading off players to rebuild or will they wait for the off-season? It seems smarter to let Briere make the trades than Fletcher if that is direction they will end up going, but there is all that Provorov and Hayes noise.
Gavin Lee
I do think there is a breakup coming between the Flyers and Provorov, but I'm not sure it would be at the deadline.
They might sell a bit but bigger changes will come in the summer (but don't get your hopes up for a true rebuild)
Do the Devils actually trade for Meier? If so whats the package for him look like?
Gavin Lee
They are definitely the most talked about landing spot right now, but sometimes I think that is overblown because it feels right because of the fit
I mean if they had met the asking price, he'd already be a Devil. The Sharks haven't decided to give him to New Jersey already and are just waiting.
The asking price will probably be similar to Horvat, unless there is an agreement in place already – then it'll be more. If he comes with an 8x8 or something, it will be a big package
Is there a scenario where Coyotes dont trade any of their expiring contracts?
Gavin Lee
I don't believe so
They are willing to do lots of creative things, as well
I don't think they stand pat, that's for sure
I’ve resigned myself to the strong possibility of the Blues missing the playoffs. Retool or rebuild?
Gavin Lee
You definitely can't rebuild with Thomas and Kyrou in place
They will just load up again and try next year
Now, that still might come with some hard decisions on veteran players, but it won't be a tear down
Leafs All Day
What are realistic expectations that the Leafs make any trade deadline acquisitions? Will it be something smaller to compliment the bottom six, or will they once again mortgage the future to try and augment the top group?
Gavin Lee
I don't think Toronto is really looking for just complementary moves this time
It feels like they are trying to pull off something bigger, and I don't know if it will be a rental
Just me wondering, but I think something like an Adam Henrique move makes sense for them. Retained salary by Anaheim, two playoff runs with him
Fred Saskamoose
Chances the Isles extend Bo Horvat?
Gavin Lee
I actually think there is a decent chance
He's not going to say anything about it, cause it's also pretty obvious that Horvat is hurt by the way everything went down in Vancouver.
But they'll have a good shot
You think Demko gets traded before the trade deadline or in the offseason?
Gavin Lee
I can't really see it happen before the deadline. He's hurt, he's been bad. What contender needs a goalie like that?
(Los Angeles?)
But there is a chance everyone not named Pettersson gets moved out of Vancouver at some point
They are a wildcard now
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