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Mark P
Live from my apartment, it's Saturday night!  Let's check out the queue to see what's on deck for the Weekend Chat....
Where is the best fit for Bieber
Mark P
I still say Cleveland, but the Guardians really need to make a move in the standings sooner rather than later.  A wild card spot is becoming increasingly unfeasible given the strength of the teams in the AL East and West, so if the Central title is their only path to the playoffs, that makes things a lot harder on the Guardians.
The topic of a Bieber trade was broached in more detail in a piece for MLBTR Front Office subscribers this past week, and in general, the emergence of Allen and Bibee make it a little more likely that the Guards might feel comfortable enough to move Bieber.  However, they probably want to see McKenzie back and healthy and effective first.
Navy Yard Nats
Can Jeimer Candelario get a borderline top 100 guy at the deadline?
Mark P
Not likely, given his rental player status.

And, just to be interesting.....the Nats are only 5.5 games out of the wild card.  Not that they could or should pivot to trying to contend, but it's a sign of just how compact things are in the National League
Am I done??  Just hearing crickets; going on 7 weeks.
Mark P
An injury or two can change a team's perspective in a hurry, but there hasn't been any public interest in Bumgarner's services.  For as much as readers suggest that their team should go after MadBum, he simply hasn't pitched well in several years now....anyone thinking the Bumgarner of 2014 will emerge with a change of scenery should lower their expectations
Angel Fan
Am I crazy to think the Angels could capitalize on the deadline by trading guys like shohei, renfroe, moore, and urshela and could retool and be better next season on paper than they were this year?
Mark P
If they're out of contention again, I think all of those guys save Ohtani are very realistic trade candidates.  I still have my doubts that Arte Moreno will green-light an Ohtani trade regardless of how well or poorly the Angels are doing in the standings
I can't believe my Padres are doing so poorly.  Did the hype go to their heads and think opponents would roll over dead for them?   What do they need to do to even make the playoffs?
Mark P
I point again to the compact NL standings, since San Diego is only four games out of a wild card, despite being 26-31.  You can even argue that their record is unlucky, since they have a positive run differential (albeit a modest +7).

But overall, you're right, it's been a very disappointing start for the Padres.  Injuries have played a notable role, but the team as a whole can't seem to get more than one or two players really hitting at the same time
....thought for sure Friday night to start the homestand.....
Mark P
His OPS is a mere 1.038, so the Reds probably want to see if he can get up an even 1.100 to make sure he's ready for the majors.

In all seriousness though, every single day seems to deliver another crazy De La Cruz highlight, whether it's on offense, defense, or baserunning.  What an exciting player.
Are Twins better than their record?
Mark P
I'd say yes, since despite their easier AL Central schedule, Minnesota has had to deal with a lot of injuries
When will the A’s make the playoffs next?I say 2025.
Mark P
That is an incredibly optimistic outlook
Cowser off IL today. Do you think he gets called up within days or weeks?
Mark P
Probably weeks, just because the O's might want to make sure he's totally okay.  And "weeks" technically might be as little as two weeks.
B Snit’s Bongos
Will Ronald Acuna Jr. finish 2023 with 40+ home runs and 40+ stolen bases?
Mark P
Heading into today's action, Acuna has 11 homers and 23 steals.  So, it's poll time!
Will Acuna be a 40-40 player this season?

Yes (35.8% | 181 votes)
No (64.2% | 325 votes)

Total Votes: 506
What teams are definite sellers right now with more than a small piece or two to move?  Feels like a complete sellers market at the deadline this year.
Mark P
Oakland and KC are the only teams that look like surefire sellers.  Other teams like the Nats and Rockies are probable, but again, everyone is still pretty close to a wild card or a division lead at this point
Dodgers fan
Will we trade for Tim Anderson or any other SS or SP
Mark P
I could see a pitching trade being more feasible than a shortstop trade at this point.  Obviously the Dodgers will need to see what happens with Urias and May, but I can almost guarantee they'll get some kind of starter-caliber arm (even if it's a swingman type) as further depth.  

For shortstop, they'll probably get some kind of depth, but Betts' ability to handle the position makes it less of a truly drastic need
Tatis, jr
After Tatis, Jr threw out a runner at third with a laser throw from right field, I had a debate with a friend.  He says Tatis, Jr will never make the Hall of Fame no matter how well he plays due to his suspension for an illegal substance.  I say he can, assuming he puts up the necessary performance numbers, because he will be subject to frequent substance testing such his numbers will be reflective of his ability without illegal substances.  What do you think?
Mark P
I lean more towards your argument, based on time.  If Tatis goes on to have a HOF-worthy career, then by the time he finishes that career (say, 15 years) and then the five-year waiting period before his Cooperstown eligibility, that'll be a couple of decades removed from his PED suspension.  It might be seen as an early-career mistake and footnote in an otherwise tremendous career.
Mark P
Are you a Swifty?
Mark P
I read Gulliver's Travels and A Modest Proposal just like everyone else in English class, but overall, I'm not a huge Jonathan Swift fan
Did you see that catch Judge just had? He broke Dodger Stadium!
Mark P
His defensive metrics are down this year, but in general, Judge being a good defensive right fielder who also hold his own in center field on a part-time basis is easily the most underrated part of his overall story.
Mariner lifer
could the Mariners realistically trade for Jonathan India?  If so what would it take?
Mark P
The Reds could rightfully ask for a ton back for India, who isn't even arbitration-eligible yet.  Harry Ford, and at least one of Miller or Young.....maybe even both, if Cincy shoots high in trade talks to start
But, like I said in the last chat, I think the India trade speculation is a little overblown.  India is a young player himself, and already proven at the MLB level....the Reds won't jump to move him in favor of prospects whose ceiling might be a Jonathan India-type player
Are the Rangers for real?
Mark P
Yep.  As much as their bullpen is a question mark, if might not matter if the Rangers keep scoring 10 runs a game
Pad squad
when do the padres release Nola and why hasn’t it already happened!?
Mark P
As much as Nola has struggled, the Padres don't have any better options to take the at-bats.  I'm not anointing Gary Sanchez after just a couple of games.
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