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MLBTR Chat: 3/11/2023
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Simon Hampton
Good morning! We'll get this going at 10am CT, but feel free to submit questions.
Gracias Marínas
Will Scott Barlow get saves in Kansas City or will Aroldis get some?
Simon Hampton
Prefer Barlow as a more reliable reliever, but suspect they'll both get their share of saves
Thoughts on the Keibert Ruiz signing? Are the Nats going to start locking up their young players?
Simon Hampton
Think it's a good deal for Washington. As always in these deals, there's a bit for risk for both sides but think $50MM over eight years is great value for the Nats - Ruiz had a really promising rookie year I thought.

I don't think there's too many obvious candidates for this Spring, but I think if the likes of Abrams, Gore and Gray take a step forward in 2023 then they might look into something there next Spring
Is Jurickson Profar getting any looks?
Simon Hampton
It's been a really quiet winter for Profar, but the latest is the Rockies showing some interest in him. I don't think he's a great needle-mover for any team, but I'll be curious to see where his deal lands, as I could see his market having fallen to a point where it's right at the cusp of the player option he declined ($7.5MM)
Who loses out on playing time in Miami with the Gurriel signing?
Simon Hampton
No one yet, as Gurriel is only on a minor league deal. There'd be a good chance he makes their roster though, but he'd be a bench bat I think
If the Yankees do move IKF, where could he go and who could they get in return?
Simon Hampton
The Dodger and Rockies have been linked, although I think the Dodgers links are from before they got Rojas.

I think IKF is a perfectly fine - and actually kinda decent - utility player, but not at $6MM. I don't think the Yankees can get a ton for him, but they also surprised in their return for Joey Gallo at the deadline last year.

They could eat some of his salary to try and get something back, but they may also like the idea of shedding the $6MM to give them a bit of wiggle room under the top luxury tax tier.

I was expecting IKF to stick with the team going into the season, but with the number of injuries in their bullpen and rotation I think they've got to do something and their infield depth would be the place to deal from
Juan Solo
Is there anyone the Orioles should target next offseason to make the statement that they are ready to really compete? Like a splash move/overpay to turn a corner? As a fan, I don't mind the recent conservative approach, especially given how the FA market blew up this year.
Simon Hampton
I get not going ALL in on this year, given their top prospects are still emerging, but really thought they'd be a bit more aggressive this winter.

The lineup is pretty solid, but even if Grayson Rodriguez excels this year, I think they need to go out and get a quality starter at some point to take the next step
Does Henry Davis start for the Pirates this year?
Simon Hampton
Opening day? No. I could see him getting into the mix towards the back end of the season. A healthy full season is the top focus for him though
Disappointed Redsox fan
Who are your surprise teams in the A.L and N.L this year?
Simon Hampton
Think the Diamondbacks will be quietly quite good this year, and picking the Angels to have a good year
Irate Nate
Do you think the new draft lottery is working on deterring teams tanking?
Simon Hampton
Not really
Good value for 1.1 for the Bears? Moore is quite the sweetener.
Simon Hampton
I think the Bears did exceptionally well

And on top of this, would love to see MLB allow for draft pick trades!
Dusty Runtz
What do you think Scott Boras thinks of Kiebert Ruiz’ new extension? Reports say Ruiz had to fire Boras just to negotiate that deal.
Simon Hampton
Boras may very well advise his players to wait til free agency, but at the end of the day, Boras works for the player, and if the player wants to sign an early extension it's his job to get him the best deal
Who’s going to have the best and worst record in the MLB this year
Simon Hampton
Worst is the Rockies.

I think the best is tricky, a lot of teams in the mix I think, but I'll go with the Mets
If the Pirates could ever invest prospects and money into a starting pitcher, what are some possible names of who would might be?
Simon Hampton
It'd have to be someone with a bit of control remaining, so the Marlins' stable of young pitchers comes to mind, should Miami again float one of them in trade talks

Actually thought Miami and Pittsburgh lined up really nicely on a possible Reynolds deal
Uncle Cubensis
The Giants are having one of the worst spring training’s. Do you think they trade players if they’re further back than 3rd place in the NL west? Last year they let Rodon leave in free agency instead of reloading the farm. Doesn’t SF need more prospects?
Simon Hampton
Spring training results do not matter one bit
Walton Dilcox
Why doesn’t England, the mother of the greatest empire in history, participate in the WBC?
Simon Hampton
Great Britain is playing the United States tonight!
Mike Rizzo
Did I just get a steal with Keibert Ruiz?
Simon Hampton
Yeah I think the team did better than the player on this one
Angels for life
Will Ohtani get an extension with the Angels?
Simon Hampton
I think he'll go to free agency at this point. Not ruling out the Angels from re-signing him then, but it'll obviously be a lot harder and think there'll be teams willing to go to further lengths to get him
Do you like pitch clock? It seems to speed up games.
Simon Hampton
I'm a massive fan. We only lose dead time from games. I think it's a fantastic addition
I’m a person that chats
What should I expect from the Red Sox outfield this year?  Who’s gonna have the best season of that group?
Simon Hampton
Yoshida has the most upside for sure - I'm excited to see him play. Do not understand the Duvall in center move at all, and unsure how long that will last
Who do you think Texas may get for Mark Mathias?
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