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Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 5/13/16
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Jeff Sullivan
You guys are late every week!
How embarrassing that must be
for you
hello friends
Hello, friend!
Jeff Sullivan
Hello friend
Would you say that the odds of a Braun trade happening before the deadline have moved above 50%?
Jeff Sullivan
Still a lot of money to eat. And we haven't seen previous no-brainers happen, like the Rockies moving Carlos Gonzalez. Given what the Brewers have previously requested for Lucroy, they might ask for too much and that would be a turn-off given Braun's position in his career
That all being said, if Braun keeps posting a four-digit OPS, he'll be the top bat out there. It's tough for an ownership to swing a deal for that kind of contract midseason, but it can happen. Tulowitzki got moved. The Brewers don't really want to keep Braun around forever. Let's monitor his performance, but if he gets to July as the best hitter on a bad team, he'll be in most rumors
At this very moment I'd put the
Is King Felix's destiny that of Lincecum?
Jeff Sullivan
Not all pitchers who lose velocity have their careers go in the same direction. Felix, into last year, was dealing with his velocity loss quite well
My greater concern is the health of his arm. I know there's wear and tear in there and if it's anything greater than usual, it's increasingly problematic.
John Danielson
Profar. What are your thoughts?
Jeff Sullivan
He needs time to get used to playing every day again. To this point in Triple-A he's held his own but he's not knocking down any doors. Check back in a couple months
How long until the Sox enter unchartered territory after they have now scored 51 runs in their last 4 games? Any clue if were creeping up on history?
Jeff Sullivan
Let me run a quick search!
Well if I'm interpreting this correct:
The Red Sox are way up in their own organizational history in terms of runs scored over four games, but in June 1950, they actually had a four-game stretch where they scored 65 runs
More recently, in 2013, they had a four-game stretch with 54 runs
And just last August, they had a four-game stretch with 51 runs
Amusingly, they went 2-2 in those games, winning 15-1 and 22-10, but losing 14-6 and 10-8
That streak saw the Sox light up Felix Hernandez for 10 runs in 2.1 innings
Are you done contributing to Ussmariner? I really miss you ant Matt's pods
Jeff Sullivan
I don't really have the time or energy remaining. My job is baseball, and I put a lot of time every week into that, so it seems kind of silly to have a hobby that is the same thing as what I do for a paycheck. I feel bad! But this is the reality. Gotta change things up after the writing is done
Hey, remember when Noah Syndergaard was thought to be making a case as the best pitcher in baseball (right now)? Right, neither does Kershaw.
Jeff Sullivan
I maintain that there was a case to be made, but, yeah, Kershaw is wiping everyone's memory of that clean
Arrieta has an ERA of like 0.95 or something over the past few dozen starts and still the consensus opinion is there's someone better. Kershaw doesn't make sense
Kershaw is why the Dodgers got such a good starting-rotation projection. He's two aces. He's one man! Two aces.
Amarillo Windmill
Just sittin out here spinnin in the wind wishing you'd say something nice about my Rangers.
Jeff Sullivan
The funny thing is I was prepared to like their bullpen so much and it's only recently started to pitch not horribly
And Prince Fielder has been a nightmare. DeShields hasn't been much better. Amazing that they've remained competitive. Getting an idea the past several months about the Rangers' collective resilience. With Darvish coming back and Kela back at some point, they seem like the realest threat to the Mariners
(who themselves have definite flaws)
Which players with the lowest and highest career WAR would you vote for and against, respectively, for the HOF?
Jeff Sullivan
This is tougher than I was expecting
Does Ichiro count, at 57 WAR? Maybe that's not a good answer but for me he's an auto-yes
David Ortiz isn't even at 50 WAR but I think I'd vote him in, so that's better. Statistically I don't think he has a strong case but he fits my idea of what the HoF should be
Wouldn't vote for Andruw Jones' 67 career WAR just because of his particular details
I could even be talked out of that, though, given the various similarities between Jones and Griffey
I am graduating with my mba from a top school and want to enter into a baseball front office. I am also proficient in sql and vba. Where should I start looking?
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