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Hoops Rumors Live Chat 6/6/2023
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What's your odds on Kyrie's recruitment of Lebron to Dallas actually coming to fruition?
Dana Gauruder
About 2 percent. Only viable way for it to happen would be a trade that the Lakers don't want to make. I don't think a package of players and picks is going to do it, considering there aren't a lot of desirable pieces on the roster outside of Doncic. Even though LeBron has a good relationship with Kidd, I don't see why he'd want to leave L.A. for Dallas. To me, it just spoke of Kyrie wanting to stay put and maximize his earnings while at the same acknowledging that the Dallas roster beyond Doncic is unimpressive.
Do u see this series going to a game 7?🏀
Dana Gauruder
Certainly should go at least 6. Better than 50-50 it goes the distance. Miami is just so tough-minded but Jokic is such a threat. It was interesting how the Heat adjusted their game plan to let Jokic score more often while taking away his passing options in Game 2. Curious to see how Malone adjusts his plan. It may not be the matchup the league wanted but it's a really intriguing one.
Rob Pelinka
who do you think will be in the lakers roster next season? Give me your starting lineup/bench rotation.
Dana Gauruder
LeBron, AD, Hachimura, Reaves, xxx. Schroder, Vanderbilt, Walker off the bench. I put the xxx in there but I'm not sold on the idea that they'll re-sign Russell. Depends on whether there's a team out there that really values him as their starter at the point. But there really aren't a whole lot of great options in free agent market -- maybe make a run at Gabe Vincent?
The Spurs will need more shooting and playmaking around Wemby. While I wouldn't expect them to play in the high end of the market, this seems like a good class to land someone in the Divencenzo/Bruce Brown/Gabe Vincent tier or maybe trading McDermott to a contender like Boston and getting back a Payton Pritchard type player. Does this seem to be within reason for the Spurs off-season?
Dana Gauruder
Trading for a young guy who wants more PT like a Pritchard would make a lot of sense for the Spurs. Best thing for SA would be to build a nice young core around VW and then look for veteran help once it starts to jell in a year or two. Vincent would be an interesting alternative to Pritchard there. I guess it stands to reason  in a ho-hum free agent class that Vincent will be popular in July. I think it would also makes sense for the Spurs to trade up for another first-rounder in what appears to be a pretty deep draft. They've got a couple of second-rounders to dangle, and/or assets they got in the Dejounte deal.
Charlie’s Mom
The Raptors/Blazers rumours are never-ending. For the sake of the raging message board arguments, and assuming it’s Pascal Siakam going west, what would you say is the right amount of draft compensation to add to Simons, and what salary is attached?
Dana Gauruder
Do you give up Sharpe, too, in that scenario? Simons, Sharpe and Little combination would work. I don't think they want Nurkic as an alternative unless the Raps don't re-sign Poeltl. The fact that Siakam's contract expires at the end of next season makes it trickier for teams to make a deal unless they believe he
will sign a long term deal.
Who do you think is the Raptors' head coach when all is said and done?
Dana Gauruder
They've got everybody guessing, right? I feel Nash or Atkinson would be a solid choice but they seem intent on making an off-the-grid hire. So I get the sneaky suspicion it will either be Darko Rajakovic or Sergio Scariolo.
Jaylen Brown isn't worth the supermax, that isn't in question. Can Boston afford not to pay him, though? They aren't going to get a better player in trade.
Dana Gauruder
That's the issue with All-Star talents who aren't necessarily franchise players. Like Siakam, though, he's entering his walk year.  Does he want to stay? If you don't sign him to an extension, makes sense to get as much as you can for him now in a trade. Would you  trade him to Chicago for LaVine? I think in Boston's case it would have to be a star for a star swap -- they won't be seeking out draft picks if they deal Brown.
Do you think Sam Cassell taking what seems like a lateral move to the Celtics is a quicker path to becoming a HC in the NBA?  Was he not in Nick Nurse's plans?  I get not wanting the Temple job, the Philadelphia Big 5 is really just Nova and UPENN.  If the Celtics come out of the gates flat next season, do you think they could make a mid-season move where Cassell supplants Joe Mazzulla?  Also who do you think Nurse adds to the Sixers' staff?
Dana Gauruder
Cassell offers a nice alternative to Mazzulla if things go sour for Boston next season. The lateral move was pretty much a necessity at this point, since he's not on the Raptors' short list. I think Sam will get his shot as a head coach within the next year or two, whether he takes over the Celtics or after next season when the coaching carousel begins again. He's certainly paid enough dues and would be a popular choice wherever he goes.
Are the Thompson brothers going to be great? I question the level of competition and their lack of shooting ability as defences sag off them.
Dana Gauruder
I don't know if they'll be "great" but if you are a top 10 pick in a supposedly deep draft, you should be the type who can develop into an All-Star. Understandable that if you're coming out of the Overtime Elite program, there's going to be questions about them since they didn't play at a high-level college or G League. I would give them the benefit of the doubt at this point -- they're still in the development stage and could develop into solid perimeter shooters.
Because I think Houston signing James Harden to a max deal is a made-up rumor by Harden's team... Which do you think is more likely to happen - Harden is back on a 3/90M or a S&T takes place for depth?  They can't just let him walk, they don't have the cap space to replace him.  They'd be at 129M for only 10 players if Harden simply walks and the cap is 134M.
Dana Gauruder
A sign-and-trade might work for the Sixers, considering that the Rockets have some young talent to offer. I've felt all along that Harden wanting to go back to Houston is bizarre and, yes, it had to come from his camp.
Will Doc get a job before next season?
Dana Gauruder
Doubt it. I don't think he wants to be an assistant at this stage of his career. If he still wants to be a head coach, he might as well enjoy the time off and wait for jobs to open up after next season.
What are the odds that the Pistons traded for a No. 2 overall pick with an hour left in consecutive trade deadlines in four team trades? Also, they were both big men.
Dana Gauruder
Not quite sure I understand the totality of your question but I don't see the Pistons looking to trade up for the No. 2 pick. I don't have any sense they'd want Miller that badly. I would not be surprised in the least bit if they traded down in the draft. They owe the Knicks a first rounder, so I'm sure they'd be interested in picking up a future first rounder to kind of offset that obligation.
Pat Cummings
Should the Knicks trade Randle or Obi as a centerpiece for a larger trade?
Dana Gauruder
I do think if the Knicks want to be serious contenders, they'll have to deal at least one of those PFs. I love what Brunson brought to that team but I think they need another star to really make the jump. Perhaps I'm underselling Randle's talent but I think in order to do something big, he'd have to be part of the package.
Can the Lakers figure out a way, via one or more sign-and trades, to turn D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Jared Vanderbilt, Rui Hachimura, Mo Bamba, this year’s No. 17, and 2029 first rd pick(preferably top four protected, but not totally necessary) and whatever might be needed aside from Lebron, AD and Austin Reaves, into Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby? FV, AR, OG, AD, LBJ would be a great starting lineup.
Dana Gauruder
The Lakers could probably shed enough salary to open up 30-35 mill. Would that be enough to add FVV when he opts out? Perhaps. I think that would be a more viable option for the Lakers than doing a sign-and-trade. That would be a lot of moving parts to try to get both of those Raptors' players -- you'd have to get a lot of guys who want to go to Toronto. Agreed it would be a nice lineup but I don't think the Lakers could pull that off.
Hereford Von Doompoop
Can Monty Williams actually improve the slow developing Pistons roster
Dana Gauruder
For $13 mill a year, he'd better! Actually, the bar's pretty low right now, considering Detroit had the worst record in the league and didn't get VW. I do think Cade, Ivey, Duren, etc. will benefit from Monty's coaching and just hearing a new voice in the locker room. They basically lost a year of development/chemistry with Cade being out this past season. 30-35 wins is a realistic goal, considering the Pistons tanked the last couple of months.