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Hoops Rumors Live Chat: 5/25/2023
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Luke Adams
Thanks for all the early questions, guys! We'll get underway in just a couple minutes here.
Lickety Brindle
Thoughts on Portland’s #3 pick? Do you think they will trade it and if so, for who/what? Or do they keep it and piss off Dame?
Luke Adams
It would help if they knew what the Hornets planned to do at No. 2. Brandon Miller is the sort of player who could probably come in and help the Blazers right away, but if he's off the board, I don't see Scoot Henderson as a fit alongside Dame. Given that Charlotte seems more likely to draft Miller than Scoot, I expect the Blazers to shop that pick pretty widely. I keep coming back to the Raptors as the team that makes the most sense as a trade partner -- either Anunoby or Siakam would be a great fit in Portland.
Do you think the rumors about the Rockets’ interest is increasing James Harden’s leverage to get a 4-year max deal from the Sixers?
Luke Adams
Maybe, but I also think the Rockets' interest is genuine, as is Harden's. And if the Sixers get the sense he'd rather return to Houston and aren't comfortable with that four-year max, I doubt they'd put it on the table to try to convince him to stay.
Michael Winger
First, if you are OKC, would you offer the Houston Rockets’ 2024 (protected top 4) first round pick to move up in this year’s draft? Second, how far up do you believe OKC can move up if they offer a team Houston’s 2024 pick as well as OKC’s own 2023 pick at #12?
Luke Adams
That's definitely not getting them into the top three. I'm not sure it's getting them into the top five either. That's partly due to the value of those picks and partly due to the fact that the teams picking in that range aren't really looking to stockpile more future picks. Orlando at No. 6 is the first one that seems at all viable, since the Magic also have the No. 11 pick -- if they don't have one guy they absolutely want at No. 6, maybe they'd be open to it.
Jordan Gertler, Saddiq Bey's agent
During last week’s chat, you stated, “[Atlanta] might make [Saddiq Bey] an extension offer, but I doubt they're putting $90MM on the table for him at this point.“ What kind of extension offer do you believe Atlanta might make? In 629 minutes with Atlanta, Bey scored 291 points, while shooting 47% with 120 total rebounds and a plus/minus of +100. In 622 minutes (after Bey was acquired), De’Andre Hunter scored 291 points, while shooting 47.3% with 80 total rebounds and a plus/minus of -80.
Luke Adams
I don't think Hunter and Bey are far apart in terms of value. But the Hawks' deal for Hunter raised some eyebrows at the time given his track record and injury history, and I'm not sure he made it look like a steal this past season. That may give Atlanta pause to give the same deal to another similar player that they've only gotten a look at for 25 games, especially with their team salary inching into tax territory. If they offer Bey four years, I'd expect something in the $70-80MM range. It wouldn't surprise me if his situation plays out similarly to Cam Johnson's (who was offered something like $70MM over four years by Phoenix and bet on himself instead).
When its all said and done, where does the coaching careousel stop for the remaining openings?
Luke Adams
Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Nick Nurse seems likely to get one of the open jobs, which could create a domino effect for the rest. I'll take a wild guess and say...
Milwaukee - Adrian Griffin
Detroit - Kevin Ollie
Philadelphia - Nurse
Phoenix - Kevin Young
My Cavs wishlist for this offseason:
  1. Actual starting SF.
  2. A backup combo-big who can really rebound.
  3. More shooting.
  4. Keep Caris LeVert.
How likely is it that we get any of those?
Luke Adams
Adding a low-cost shooter is realistic, even if it's not the most exciting addition (ie. Yuta Watanabe, Terrence Ross, etc.). And if they can't land a starting-caliber SF (which will be tough), I have to think they'd make a strong push to re-sign Caris LeVert. So getting 2 out of 4 seems realistic, and anything beyond that would qualify as a really strong offseason.
My lakers had a incredible playoff run. Despite being swept in the conference finals, they’re back where they belong as contenders. My question is whether they should pursue a 3rd star or keep the team as constructed? 2 great players and good role players.
Luke Adams
I have to think the Westbrook acquisition a couple years ago made them wary of consolidating their depth in pursuit a third star, especially if we're talking about someone as risky as Kyrie. I'd be shocked if they don't try to bring back Reaves, Hachimura, D-Lo, et al. Re-signing those guys might actually put them in a better position to have the trade assets to go after another star down the road.
If you are Orlando, would you trade 6 and package of non-Paolo/Franz players for Anfernee Simons?
Luke Adams
I'm not the world's biggest Simons fan, so I personally wouldn't love that deal, but I see the logic -- they have two lottery picks and could use a guard who can break down defenses and score. I'd want to explore what else I could get using that pick or No. 11 as a centerpiece, but it's certainly an interesting concept.
Wiz Fan
Can the wizards sign and trade kuzma while the draft is ongoing? Or after the draft is finish?
Luke Adams
A sign-and-trade deal would involve a new team for Kuzma, who will be a free agent -- he isn't technically permitted to talk to new teams until June 30, so they'd have to wait until then if they're following the rules (we've seen teams like the Bulls and Bucks get docked draft picks in recent years for sign-and-trades that appeared to be completed before June 30).
Common Anomaly
Pacers’ offseason consists of making a selection at #7, offer Haliburton a maximum-salary rookie scale extension, finding the best offer(s) for picks #26, #29, and #32, and pursue Austin Reaves and/or Jakob Poeltl. Indiana has very few, if any, trade assets and I would think would not be interested in taking on Gordon Hayward, John Collins, or Tobias Harris’ contracts. If you were Indiana, any other avenues you would pursue?
Luke Adams
I wouldn't be so quick to rule out the possibility of accommodating a salary-dump trade. Those players you listed can all still be effective, and Hayward and Harris don't have long left on their contracts. The Pacers have been linked to Hayward in the past too. They'll have cap room to do something like that if they want to, and it'd be much easier than trying to outbid other suitors for a free agent.
The chance of LeBron to warriors is 0%. No way the Lakers would trade Lebron to a rival.  Warriors are way over the cap.  So are these reporters only do it for bait clicks?
Luke Adams
I'm assuming this is referring to Kevin O'Connor's story from the other day. In defense of O'Connor, he made it pretty clear that he wasn't reporting anything -- just suggesting that there was some logic to the idea, given LeBron's fondness for Steph and Draymond. But yeah, I agree that it's a fantasy unless the Lakers got an absolutely massive haul, which doesn't seem all that likely in a Golden State scenario.
The blazers seem destined to trade the number 3 pick to build around dame. I’m not convinced that they are one player away. Do you think they should keep number three and trade dame, going into a full rebuild?
Luke Adams
I do, but it almost feels like they're in a game of chicken with Dame now. Neither one wants to be the bad guy (Dame by requesting a trade, Portland by trading him after he's repeatedly professed his loyalty to the Blazers). This offseason would be a perfect opportunity for the Blazers to add a foundational piece for a post-Dame era rather than running the risk of locking themselves into an expensive roster that probably won't be a legitimate title contender.
Are we likely to see the Dubs run it back with the same roster with some added pieces, or do you think Poole and Kuminga are the likely trade candidates?
Luke Adams
I doubt the Warriors will go into the summer aiming to just run it back with the same roster after what happened this season (44 wins, second-round exit). But it will be tricky to find a trade that cuts costs and makes them better in the short term, unless they're willing to give up some future picks. I'm fascinated to see what their next move is -- for what it's worth, it sounds like most of the punitive restrictions for teams over the new second tax apron won't go into effect until 2024/25, so they may have a year to figure out whether they want to try to reduce their payroll.
The Suns have little to no depth and an absence of any kind of presence at the wing. Given their salary cap constraints, should they trade Ayton for wing depth or does that create yet another problem at the center position?
Luke Adams
If they can get a couple solid rotation wings for Ayton, they should do it. By all accounts, it sounds like they'd be comfortable with a lower-cost and lower-usage player at center, which makes sense when Durant and Booker are on your roster.
24/25 offseason will see the Spurs with Keldon Johnson, Devonte Graham, Wemby and any other rookies as the only players on the books. Do you see them eschewing multi-year deals this offseason in hopes of landing a star or even 2 next offseason to pair with Wemby?
Luke Adams
Maybe it's what you meant by "other rookies," but don't forget the other guys currently on rookie scale contracts, like Sochan, Branham, Wesley. Anyway, yes, I don't think this is the summer the Spurs will get aggressive signing free agents or bringing in veterans. They have a lot of money coming off the books after 2023/24 (potentially including Graham, whose final year is non-guaranteed) and will be better positioned at that point to make moves.
I'll also be curious to see just how much of a different Wembanyama makes as a rookie -- if there's a bit of an adjustment period and the Spurs are a lottery team again, it's possible they'll be in position to add another future star in the 2024 draft.
Stan the man
Assuming Boston doesn’t pull off the unthinkable - and the off-season comes after yet another failed post season run, and the Celtics ownership group shows their frugalness once again and elects to not offer Jaylen Brown a supermax deal, does that trigger Browns exit from Boston?   Taking any less than max does nothing but aid the owners from a hefty tax bill as the years progress….at some point brown has to feel anything less than a supermax offer that he’s earned as personal, even if it’s slightly above the 4 year max other teams can offer
Luke Adams
Brown qualifying for the super-max made things very interesting for the Celtics. I personally don't think a super-max contract is warranted for someone like Brown (to me, it only makes sense for perennial MVP candidates like Giannis, Embiid, Jokic, etc.) and I wouldn't be all that comfortable putting it on the table for him. For what it's worth, qualifying for the super-max means you can also negotiate a deal that's worth between 30% of the cap (Brown's standard max) and 35% (his super-max). Rudy Gobert did this with the Jazz a few years ago, and if Brown's willing to consider that, maybe they can find something that works for both sides. But giving a super-max to Brown when you know Tatum will get one too is... risky. It's not just on the owners to pay a hefty tax bill -- the new CBA will make it tangibly harder for taxpayers to build their rosters.
As an aside, I was a little surprised to see Brown end up on the All-NBA Second Team. It seems like voters weighed win-loss records pretty heavily in their picks, but I also wonder if not wanting to be responsible for denying players the opportunity to earn more money was a factor in some of the votes he got.
Danny Ainge
If Jordan Clarkson and/or Talen Horton-Tucker pick up their player options, should they also just prepare to be traded?
Luke Adams
Probably, but I doubt Clarkson will pick his up -- he can do much better by opting out (I expect a modest raise on a three- or four-year deal for him).
Assess the following statement: We didn't lose the Jimmy Butler deal, AKME lost the Lauri Markannen deal.
Luke Adams
As a reminder to those who may not remember, the Butler trade in 2017 was Jimmy + the No. 16 pick in the draft for Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and the No. 7 pick (which became Lauri Markkanen). You probably have a case. Of the teams that have traded Butler, I certainly think Chicago can look back on its deal with much more fondness than Minnesota or Philadelphia.
Who's Fabio?
Do you think Steve Nash would be a good fit for the Raptors?
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