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Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 12/20/22
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Steve Adams
Greetings all! Looking forward to chatting today. Feel free to drop some early questions now, and I'll be back at 1:00pm CT!
Augh! One minute late!@
Sorry all
Let's get going
just thinkin
Nate Pearson's role with Jays in 2023........AAA depth starter or MLB bullpen. or trade bait?
Steve Adams
I think, given the quality of his stuff and the scope of his injuries, he'll ultimately settle in as a multi-inning bullpen guy, which can still hold huge value -- even if it's not the ace that Jays fans hoped for a few years ago.
Do you think the Braves have the capital to aquire Reynolds from Pittsburgh? If so, what would that package look Iike?
Steve Adams
I generally think there are pretty few situations you can look at where Team A simply cannot acquire a player from Team B. Even clubs with thin farms have MLB talent they can move.

The ask on Reynolds is huge though, and Atlanta's farm has been greatly thinned out. You could start with Grissom, add a big-league-ready pitcher (Ian Anderson?) and then backfill with prospects, I suppose?

I don't think the Pirates trade him anyway
Ken Hubbs Fan
Hoyer still needs some lefty relief pitchers.  Who is available for him?
Steve Adams
Lots of teams -- not just the Cubs -- still could use some LH bullpen help.
Taylor Rogers is the best free agent out there, in my eyes, though Andrew Chafin is excellent, too. Matt Moore could get a multi-year deal. Some buy-low options like Zack Britton, Will Smith.
Generally, the Cubs have gone low-cost in building out the bullpen, and the Boxberger deal seems to mark a continuation. If they want a lefty, I bet Brad Hand will be there for a lower guarantee than the $6MM he made in Philly last year.
Brewers have to sign another reliever with closing experience, don't they? Michael Fulmer, Knebel, Will Smith??
Steve Adams
They don't strike me as a team that cares a ton about closing experience. I mean they just bought out Boxberger when it was a net $2.25MM decision.
Why didn't the Mets sign Arson Judge if they are willing to spend so much money?
Steve Adams
Arson Judge forever
There's probably some elements of them wanting to make sure they had the groundwork in the rotation solidified before seeing where else they could spend. They also, for all their spending, haven't committed a massive, massive AAV over a long term yet. Verlander and Scherzer are short term... Nimmo's eight-year deal was just designed to suppress the luxury hit. He's getting paid 6- or 7-year money in those eight years, so the AAV is pretty light relative to players of his caliber.
Lindor is the exception, and it's possible the Mets just don't want a combined $75MMish between two players for the next decade or so
richie ny
Can the ChiSox Tim ANderson be had in a trade? I thought I heard his name as possible trade bait
Steve Adams
It was floated early in the offseason but the Sox have reportedly told teams they're not trading him.
Happy Holidays Steve! What’s your speculation on Correa’s presser getting postponed? Covid? Other medical tests? Everyone is quiet
Steve Adams
I don't feel it's my place to speculate. The press conference was postponed without reason. The SF Chronicle and Athletic have both said they're awaiting test results of some kind. I don't love wildly speculating on a player's health whether it's due to injury, illness, Covid, whatever. I'm sure we'll know more soon, but I understand why Giants fans are on edge.
Im surprised the Yanks didnt bring back Carp for that relatively light contract
Steve Adams
The Yankees would've been hit with a 90% for signing Carp, so to match the $12MM he's guaranteed, they would've effectively required them to be willing to pay $17.4MM (the guarantee plus $5.4MM in taxes) to Carpenter knowing that if he played well, he'd opt out of the deal and if he got hurt or regressed, they'd be on the hook for even more than that sum (since he'd come with a 2024 tax hit upon exercising his player option)
Put more simply: I don't think the contract would've been as "light" for the Yankees as for the Padres.
Yankees officially announced the Judge deal
And Mets have reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Adam Ottavino (Ken Rosenthal reporting)
Any way Sal Perez is traded. Seems like Royals could get a haul.
Steve Adams
The Royals aren't trading Perez, and he's owed $64MM over the next three seasons with defensive grades that have absolutely plummeted in recent years. I don't think they'd fetch a haul for him, but Kansas City loves him and has no desire to move him anyhow.
Mariners payroll
Am I missing something? Because I don't see a rationale here...they are at the sweet spot for adding wins and there is loads of money in the game...we skipped free agency and the trade market is bare... plugging holes is not the same as trying to compete for the division.
Steve Adams
The company line is that they spent an enormous amount of money over the past calendar year, which is generally true. They gave Robbie Ray $110MM, acquired Suarez/Winker, extended Rodriguez, acquired/extended Castillo, and acquired Teoscar Hernandez and Kolten Wong.

Payroll is up markedly.

That said, I think it's fair if Mariners fans were/still are hoping for a bit more than heading into 2023 with a competition in left field and what looks like a carousel of bench bats at designated hitter.
Offseason still isn't over, though. There are some free agents remaining who could better this lineup, and I don't really agree that the trade market is bare. It's been a slow winter for trades, sure, but there are still deals that could (and will) be made.
Opening Day Atlanta Braves LF
Who am I ?
Steve Adams
Eddie Rosario?
Lots of questions from Braves fans about how this can possibly be the offseason they're going with. We at MLBTR were never expecting them to do much and tried to forecast that with tepid picks on the Top 50 and multiple pieces I wrote about their luxury-tax status.

It's still a good club, and maybe Eddie can bounce back to get you a workable platoon with Luplow, but as with Seattle fans, I don't blame Braves fans for being frustrated while watching improvements in Queens and Philly.
Red Sox Rebound
What is the latest on Michael Wacha...eerily quiet.
Steve Adams
Outside of Wacha's ERA, there's not a ton that jumps out about his profile. All of the underlying metrics are pretty pedestrian. I think he'll land somewhere in the same neighborhood that Lyles just received in KC (2/17), but I don't think there's huge demand given the pedestrian velocity, lack of missed bats, generally shaky batted-ball profile, etc.
Adam King
Who gets Conforto.
Steve Adams
If I could change whoever I picked for Conforto in our prediction contest to Rangers, I probably would.
Nathan Eovaldi
Do teams know I exist still?
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